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Dagara Bewaa Culture Group
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Bernard began importing musical instruments to the United States and Europe to help his students gain access to high quality musical instruments so they can maintain their training. All instruments are produced by the craftsmen who produce instruments for the National Theatre of Ghana and the National University of Ghana at Legon.

Picture of a Xylophone

The Dagara xylophone - or "gyil" - is one of the world's most complex and beautiful musical instruments. The keys are hand carved from a fire-dried hardwood. The resonators are made from dried gourds, with soundholes covered with vibrating spider webs. The xylophone is held together with antelope leather. Custom built by the same master craftsman who builds Bernard's xylophones, a Dagara gyil is available for $400, delivered via air mail. A matching pair of gyil are available for $750, including air mail shipping.

Picture of a Drum

Bernard imports Kpanlogo drums like the one featured in this photo, as well as Ghanaian Djembe drums. All drums are hand-crafted in villages throughout Ghana. Drums are finished with goat and antelope skins and rope or wire tuning systems. Depending on the style and size of order, drums cost between $150 and $300, delivered via air mail.

Bernard also imports traditional Ghanaian double bells and gourd rattles. Bells are made of wrought iron and available in a variety of tones. Rattles cost $25, while bells are $30 - both are delivered via air mail.

To purchase any of these items, please contact Bernard via mail or fax.