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Dagara Bewaa Culture Group
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Bernard Woma performing at a traditional Ghanaian funeral

Dagara xylophone music is some of the most rhythmically complex music ever recorded. Bernard's recordings introduce listeners to the wealth of Dagara music, from the sacred music of Dagara rituals to the secular Bewaa music.

Bernard's new CD, "Dagara Yielu", is available by mail order for $15, which includes shipping and handling. Contact Bernard to arrange for payment by check or postal money order.

In March 2001, Bernard released a video with his own traditional dance company, Dagara Cultural Troupe. The video is available on the Internet at

Bernard is planning several new releases in the next year. They include "Saakumu" with Kay Stonefelt, "Natural Conditions: A Gyil Trio" with Valerie Naranjo (from Broadway's "The Lion King") and Barry Olson, and "Four Stars", a concert recording from a recent performance in Denmark. Releases will be announced on the website - check back often!

In the near future, this site will feature downloadable samples of Bernard's performances. Please check back soon!