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Dagara Bewaa Culture Group
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Bernard Woma's reputation as a composer and performer is only surpassed by his reputation as a teacher. Bernard has students throughout Africa, Europe and the United States, who have learned traditional Ghanaian drum and xylophone styles from him.

In 1999, in the interests of sharing his knowledge with a larger group of people, Bernard opened the Dagara Music Center in Medie, Ghana, a suburb of the capital city, Accra. Students live and work at the center, where they pursue studies in traditional drumming, dancing, xylophone music and visual arts.

In the summer of 2000, 23 students and professors from Bowling Green State University in Ohio were the inagural class of the Dagara Music Center. Professor Rebecca Green described the program as "a tremendous success" and plans to send students for future summer courses.

The Dagara Music CenterStudents at the Center

Bernard personally supervises all teaching along with his staff of talented musicians and dancers. Students from around the world learn traditional xylophone and drum music, dancing, singing and Ghanaian culture.

A singing lessonA private lesson with Bernard

Talented teachers from the surrounding community offer courses in kente weaving, batik, tye-dying, drum making and blacksmithing. The location of the school gives students an opportunity to explore the exciting, dynamic city of Accra, home to over three million Ghanaians. The school is also located near a number of beautiful Atlantic beaches and a number of historic castles, including Cape Coast Castle. The center can help visitors make arrangements for cultural excursions throughout West Africa.

Drumming class at the Dagara Music CenterStudents at the Center learn to print adinkra cloth

The Dagara Music Center has dormitory-style accomodations for 21 people with comfortable amenities. Located next door is the Hilltop Restaurant, which offers a range of Ghanaian and Western dishes.

Sessions are available during the following dates:

Students are welcome to attend for any interval of at least one week. The Dagara Music Center offers a "Lessons and Lodging" package which includes:

Tuition and Fees (7 day minimum stay)
10 to 20 studentsUSD $40 per student, per day
Less than 10 studentsUSD $55 per student, per day

Bernard is also planning to offer a winter session - please check back for dates.

The staff of the Dagara Music Center can help you plan an exciting cultural vacation to Ghana including a stay at the Center. For more information, please visit the Contact section of this website.